i dropped an album today

before i started working on don cusack in high fidelity i was working on a von pea produced album titled RE:Iteration. i wish i could explain the title now as well as i could then but time tends to take the fine details away and since i am the embodiment of the ‘dude looking at another woman while w/ his girl’ meme i abandoned the RE: and moved put together high fidelity.

as years passed from time to time i’d play the RE: demos and think ‘man this album was dope why didn’t i finish it’ and make all these grand plans to revisit it and update songs and basically just engage in the type of procrastination that feels like you are working. the artistic equivalent of shuffling papers around your desk

if i told you how many projects have suffered the same fate under my watch you’d be pissed. my hard drives are littered with demos of fully sequenced albums that i just never got around to re-recording because i got disinterested with the process. falling out of love with your work and not having anyone to push you to finish it sucks.

so early last year we finally decided to revisit and finish the von pea produced project. i say we because i didn’t do this album alone. left to my own devices this album probably wouldn’t have happened. when i say we i mean von and george aka SAFESPACE aka the guys who brought you Abandoned Theme Park, YGWY$4, Stop. Waiting. and the soon to come Von Pea solo as well as new Tanya Morgan album.

of those early demos only 1 song made the cut and aside from the production that song exists as is lyrically. same words i wrote rang true years later. I like to think i write stuff for future me to decode and that’s the perfect example. I wont tell you what song it is tho, you gotta figure that out..

im really proud of this album tho and if it’s the last thing i ever make (which it wont be) i think it accurately captures who i am and says all the things that i need it to. im also tired of typing this journal entry and need to start my day so imma hit publish.

thanks for listening.

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