Tanya Morgan Kyte TV is up and running..

[kyte.tv appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/78714&embedId=49048926]


the fedex guy just delivered the best device in the WOOORLD to me. the kyte phone. so todays blog will not be text at all. this is the most typing you will get from me today, instead you will get to watch me and von walk around new york city doing interviews, clothes and hanging out with our other musician buddies. sounds like fun? it will be

ill get back to posting as normal later, i promise. when i do go back to posting as normal remember you can always tune in to our kyte channel via my videoblog page. dont worry, ill remind you that its there from time to time, especially when im doing live broadcasts of our shows…

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0 Responses to Tanya Morgan Kyte TV is up and running..

  1. bitty says:


    thanks for showing some neck, was having a dry spell

  2. angie says:

    DAYUM, SON! That’s pretty fly!

  3. RaeRae Avis says:

    …i fell asleep with my laptop open and didn’t realize your blog was still open in another window somewhere.

    I jumped up to male voices…and instantly that fight or flight kicked in and I was READY to shank the mofo’s who broke into my home while I was sleeping.

    you can imagine how dumb…yet thankful… I felt when i looked over to right side and it was y’all mofos.

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