eye candy: judge lynn toler

sexy can i?

if you aint up on thaaangs ((c) dat nigga daz) lynn toler is that SHIT fam. while i cant find a clip of it online right now its an episode of tyra banks where she is on there with the rest of the TV judges and nigga… she_looks_GUUUUUD.. like damn good.

iont know about you but i want her to give me a life sentence… to sexy town. ow!

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0 Responses to eye candy: judge lynn toler

  1. sanderson says:

    You are a mess! She does look purdy in purple though.

  2. pea says:

    yeah. the other black judge is cuter though. i want to see what SHE looked like at 25.

  3. mcdayjob says:

    judge hatchett!?!?

    nah man… hell nah. and she a pushover too… nah lynn toler is for the people, the sexy people

  4. bitty says:

    i seriously LOLed

  5. thatdudedave says:

    a life sentence to sexy town had me rollin

  6. kristy says:

    a life sentence to sexy town?

    you’re a hot ass mess.

  7. safia says:

    sexy town?!
    *bangs gavel*
    stop. you are too much for much.

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  9. garry miller says:

    she is so beautiful

  10. gary says:

    can i have a autograph picture?

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