Make munny munny make munny munny munnnaaay!

I don’t know if I’m leaking information but ill let you guys in on what’s about to happen over at the loudminoritymusic camp…

Back when tanya morgan was still ilwil and von pea we each released a mixtape, the beat thieves and custom fitted to be exact. But somewhere in the efforts to market mooooooonlighting and all related releases we lost sight of the back catalog a lil bit, and real talk that’s 2 albums worth of very good ORIGINAL material.

So in an effort to reintroduce our back catalog (like our front catalog is sellin, lol) or inspire those who borrowed the lps from the innanet to get themselves a proper copy we are rereleasing them both, packaged together with all new artwork and a special gift giveaway.

In my possession right now I have 2 blank glow in the dark soft vinyl munny toys. Over the next few days (specifically after I get back to dc and around my paints and brushes) I will be designing them both to commemorate each album. They will be raffled off at an as of now undecided date.

Now it aint like I don’t know my way around a paintbrush yall. Not only do I have a degree in graphic design but I’ve also don’t a few sneaker customizations for a few people (tia holla!) so its all vouchable son, even the words I’m makin up. ITS ALL VOUCHABLE!

I’m excited about these joints because I’ve been talkin this tanya morgan gift giveaway shit for months, well its here now. Although its not the custom kicks giveaway I had originally planned its just as fun.

In other news, I got 2 new jackets on telegraph in berkley at this spot called buffalo exchange for 30 total. Yes I bought a members only, and it looks good on me too. The paul frank joint is my favorite tho, I love zip up hoodies. The kicks is ilyas’, he picked em up over @ TRUE on haight for $20. Talk about a bargain…

Well we on our way to san jose or santa clara, I don’t know. Its too many san/ta cities out here. So of course I will not be shoutin out the city tonight lol. Right after that we turnin around and goin down to la. Like as soon as we get off stage goin tonight.

Red bull anyone?

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0 Responses to Make munny munny make munny munny munnnaaay!

  1. Angie says:

    YESSSSSSSSS! Lookin’ forward to that! Good lookin’ out on coppin’ that Members Only jacket! THROWBACK!

  2. amp.jones says:

    You don’t know ’bout Buffalo Exchange? Oh I forget, you don’t live in NY.

    Great finds.

  3. Rosemary says:

    Il bought a pair of shoes….? Aww shit, see he’ll be turned out sooner than we think!!! HA HA

  4. tia says:

    holla. i’m about to put those shoes in an acrylic display case. and i’m squeakin’ at vouchable.

  5. The Rapper With a Dayjob says:

    the members only is snug.. that said i like it alot on that marty mcfly shit

    you mean to tell me they have buffalo exchanges in other places? that shit was amazing
    ilyas is on his way lol i just think its too much to process at once
    i was just lookin at the pics of your shoes i took… they look awesome if i must say.
    *pat myself on the back*

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