*SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW UPDATES* Laura’s Song (directed by Marques Green)


Donwill as Don Cusack – Jasika Nicole as Laura
Von Pea as Dick – Che Grand as Barry

Produced by Astronote**
Directed by Marques Green

album info after the jump…

The album ‘Don Cusack in High Fidelity‘ is a remake of the movie ‘High Fidelity‘ (starring John Cusack). It is one of my favorite movies of all times. I feel that the movie has alot of parallel’s to my personal life, so many that I’ve decided to cast myself in the role of Rob Gordon (Cusack’s character) for the duration of this project.

As far as release dates and all that business don’t worry about it for now it will come when its done however expect to see more videos from it long before you hear it tho. The album is written and im in the process of rerecording demo’s, securing guest appearances and receiving mixes. It’s definitely alot to handle while in the midst of launching a campaign for my groups most important album to date. As you can guess Tanya Morgan is my focus right now and while I am in the process of recording solo material it is still officially Brooklynati time. Wheras between Moonlighting and the Bridge we took time to perfect our craft and perform this time around expect NO days off.

So just stay tuned to Tanya Morgan and all its moving parts (Donwill, Von Pea & Ilyas)… that means you have 4 artists to check for in 09 and beyond (not to mention the Lessondary) thats ALOT of great music. In the meantime just enjoy the posted video. Feel free to repost it and email it… lets go viral yall!

*download So Damn Down if you dont have it!!!
**scroll up and click Astronote’s name to download – Astronote: Bigger and Better: The Notorious Remixes, Hosted by Talib Kweli & Mixed by DJ Graffiti or just click HERE

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0 Responses to *SCROLL DOWN FOR NEW UPDATES* Laura’s Song (directed by Marques Green)

  1. Mikef says:

    fucking awesome, woke up early, been waiting all day for this.
    Great job, love it.

  2. Coatesvillain says:

    Damn. I don’t know what’s better the song or the video. Great shit right here.

  3. williamhsince83 says:

    shit’s dope don. i can relate. that shit is my life right now. hifi is one of my fav movies. happy that shit went good for u @ the end of the vid. hopefully it’ll end that way for me 2.

  4. 88-Keys says:

    Dope song. I like how the video ended with the credits over the record spinning. Reminds me of an old movie. Also… NICE SWEATER! 😉

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  6. howfresheats says:

    This shit is dope. Beat knocks. Great movie and great book. bOb Bar used to be the spot. Seems like it still might be. Damn.

  7. son overall this is dope! u definitely raised the bar early this year.. great concept..im lookin forward to hear the entire project when its released.

  8. alannakkash says:

    damn don, you killed this, great video man. oh and i just realized we have the same blog theme running, haha.

  9. angie says:

    Dope song, dope beat, dope video! Great job by all! :)

  10. Divine says:

    Get it my peoplez!

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  12. hot shit friend. HOT. SHIT.

  13. jermiside says:

    “the videoness” lol

  14. boom says:

    behind on my feeds; didn’t even realize you’d posted this.. very dope

  15. DJStylus says:

    Everybody I know is crushing shit for the ’09.

    It must be a sign.

    Well played, young Donwill!

  16. *Stina says:

    Awesome. Hella love it.

  17. OMG! WHY am I just seeing this after waiting for so long?!
    Love it. The song, the vid… love ’em.

  18. mandy says:

    the video is great. congratulations, Donwill. Long time since I’ve commented but I’m still checkin, life is hectic, my bad.

    Best of luck with the album release.

  19. titi_215 says:

    Dope…I’m re-posting on my blog and also offering some opinions, lol. This is a hot song 😉

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