LISTEN: DAF12 Rough Pass

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When I got the OK to spin DAF I was shook. What could I do that hasn’t been done? How do i make my set stand out? Who am I to even take on the task of honoring the genius of James Yancey?!

After I shook off the imposters syndrome and finished sifting through his body of work I decided on playing some of my favorite Dilla lyrical moments. Sure his production is front and center of his legacy but when I decided that music was a career option I studied his style as an MC. His rhyme patterns were just as ridiculous as the ones he programmed on the MPC. 

This isn’t the recording from the night I played Donuts but it’s almost song for song what I did. This is the 5th pass of a real time flaws and all practice session that I recorded for myself to learn the set and not panic while I was on stage that night. 

I considered it as a road map for the evening and I’m sharing it with you so that you can take the journey with me.


Hoc-N-Pucky - Slum Village
The Things You Do - J-88
Things U Do (Remix) - Slum Village
Things We Do - Slum Village
Love Junkie - DJ Cam
Safety Dance - J Dilla
Woo Haa Remix - Busta Rhymes
What Up - Busta Rhymes
Who - De La Soul
New Years At Jay Dee’s - The Roots
Been-N-Dem Pt. 2 - Jay Dee
Hold Tight - Slum Village
Dear Dilla - Phife Dawg
Hold Tight Remix Instrumental - Slum Village
The Look of Love Pt. 2 - J-88
Do You - Slum Village
Don’t Stop - Que D
Fall In Love Remix - Slum Village
Yes Yes Remix - Slum Village
Fat Cat Remix - Slum Village
Scheming - Slum Village
Gazzillion Ear - MF DOOM
Yasiin Bey - Sunshine Screwface
5th Ela Remix - Slum Village
Earl Flinn - Slum Village
Give This Nigga - Slum Village
The Shining Pt. 2 - Slum Village
Come Down To Conant Gardens (6th Sense Blend) - Slum Village
Much More - De La Soul
Estimate - Slum Village
Give It Up Pt. 2 - Frank N Dank
Blaze Up - Jaylib
I Bet U Will - Frank N Dank
The Mission (Stringed Out Remix) - Jaylib
Blowin Into Coke Bottles - Jay Dee
You and Your Smile - Jay Dee
Cosmic Slop - Jay Dee
The Hop - A Tribe Called Quest
Fuck The Police - J Dilla
Stakes is High Remix - De La Soul
Track 12 Instrumental - Jay Dee
As Serious As Your Life Is Remix -4 Tet
Thelonius - Common
Telephone - Erykah Badu

William Freeman